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Krown Rust Control
Rust Bullet Coatings
With agents and distributors through out the Caribbean and South America

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Look to Orlidion to solve your rust/corrosion problems.

For over 15 years Orlidion Distributing has been providing rust prevention and mitigation solutions to Industry and consumers through out the Caribbean and South America. Our distributors and agents stand ready to help you solve your corrosion and rust problems. Contact us to day for more information.

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Orlidion and Krown have teamed up to offer a potential business opportunity for you to become an expert in rust prevention. Click here for details and to see a presentation. This presentation covers all aspects of Krown Rust Prevention and its applications .  If you have a slow speed connection use our contact us form.

Treating Cooling Radiators for a Diesel Power Plant with KROWN Rust Treatments

For more information about Krown Industrial applications - case studies

So how good are KROWN corrosion treatments?
Watch this. . .

Caribbean Distributors . . .

Mr. Julian Adjodha
Jag Inc
P.O. Box 598
Castries, St. Lucia

Telephone: 758-450-4001
E-Mail: jaginc@candw.lc

Mr. Mervyn Waterman
Industrial Welding Equipment SAles & Rentals Ltd.
LP #18 Pacific Avenue
Point Lisas Industrial Estate Couva,

Telephone: 868-636-7945
E-Mail: merv@iwesltd.com

Mr. Ormond Chalmers
Orlidion Distributing
Puerto Rico

Telephone: 305-897-8614
E-Mail: rustbulletcaribbean@cogeco.ca

Mr. Ezra Fabien
Stewco Construction
Bense Village

Telephone: 767-445-5692
E-Mail: ezfabien@hotmail.com

Mr. Ricardo Weekes
Options, Ideas, and Services

Telephone: 246-830-5761
E-Mail: c_weekes@hotmail.com

Carlos Portocarrero
Casa Del Obrero
1 Cuadra Abajo Y
1 Cuadra Al Sur

Tel: 011-505-8882-0753
E-mail: cporto@modulares.com

Infinity Industrial Applications Ltd.
52 Forsythe Drive
Kingston 6

Telephone: 876-927-2454
E-Mail: faithsamms@gmail.com

Mr. Wayne Alexander
Edwin D. Layne and Sons Ltd.
P.O. Box 178
St. Vincent

Telephone: 784-456-1411
E-Mail: laynes@vincysurf.com

More Amazing uses of KROWN corrossion protection

The long awaited Water Proof Phone Test. We treated an Alcatel One Touch with our product, KL73 Rust Inhibitor and dumped it in water. Check the video to see what happened.

Rust Bullet

Rust Bullet is a unique single component high solids industrial coating, unparalleled in the coatings industry. Rust Bullet is an advanced coating, which provides far more than just rust protection. Very different from traditional rust conversion or rust encapsulation products, Rust Bullet’s Patented Technologies are the most effective and efficient method available today, to prevent the corrosion of metals. Rust Bullet products protect solid surfaces from oxidation and chemical attack. A cured Rust Bullet Coating provides protection from steel rust, iron rust, metal rust and metals corrosion, and is more effective, an easier application and less costly than epoxy coatings and other corrosion control products.

To read more about how effective RUST BULLET is click here

Rust On a Hull

The photo at the left shows a steel hull of a boat before and after to an application of RUST BULLET.

The coating ensures the long lasting ability of the product to provide protection and extend the life of the hull.

To down load a copy of the application procedures click here. Note this is a 65 Meg File

To order or for more information contact us at:
Rust Bullet

Our Agent in the Caribbean
Orlidion Distributing
Ormond C. Chalmers
Tel: 905-873-8984
Fax: 289-801-2694
to download our Rust Bullet Brochure click here
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