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AEON Hollow Rubber Springs, by Timbren, are used in sole suspensions provide high performance per unit weight. Manufacturers of highway equipment looking for the lightest and most durable suspension with the smoothest ride are specifying AEON Hollow Rubber Springs. Rubber spring suspensions can withstand severe shock loads at maximum capacity without bottoming out which greatly reduces forces transmitted to the frame. Off-highway equipment manufacturers for the agricultural, mining and logging industry have discovered that AEON Hollow Rubber Springs are virtually indestructible, even in the most adverse conditions.
Timbren AEON Hollow Rubber Springs
AEON Hollow Rubber Springs are the backbone of hundreds of load-handling suspension applications designed by Timbren engineers.
Timbren provides suspension solutions for manufactured highway equipment, industrial, agriculture, mining and logging, commercial, emergency vehicle and OEM applications.

Uses include Sand and Gravel trucks, buses, oil transports . . any heavy duty vehicle suspension
For over 30 years Timbren AEON Hollow Rubber Springs have been relied upon world-wide as an effective, reliable and trusted system for both improving vehicle suspension performance and as a sole suspension system.
AEON Hollow Rubber Springs

Timbren Industries manufactures 4 different designs of Aeon® Hollow Rubber Springs.

Single Convolution Springs
Double Convolution Springs
Triple Convolution Springs
Rectangular Springs - Double Convolution
Single Convolution Springs
Double Convolution Springs
Triple Convolution Springs
Rectangular Springs - Double Convolution

How they work   Supplemental Applications

When using AEON Hollow Rubber Springs as a supplement to conventional leaf springs, coil springs, torsion bars or air springs, the empty ride is not affected. The AEON Spring is gradually brought into operation according to the load being applied and progressively increases in proportion to the load being carried. Initial take-up is very smooth and the spring rate increase is progressive, resulting in a greatly improved ride, improved load handling, greater load stability and longer spring life.

Vibration Isolation:

The mining, logging and agricultural equipment manufacturers use AEON Hollow Rubber Springs as vibration isolators. Timbren engineering and design team will recommend or adapt current designs or develop new rubber spring designs to meet your requirements.
  • Timbren Air and Rubber Suspensions
  • Dakota Air Suspensions • For a Superb Ride and Best Handling
  • 4,000 to 10,000 lb capacities
  • Single, tandem and tri-axle combinations
  • Trailer deck lowers for easy loading and unloading
  • Consistent trailer ride height - loaded OR unloaded
  • Easy retrofit or OEM
  • Silent Ride Rubber Suspensions
  • A total Rubber Ride on Single and Equalized Tandem Suspension
  • Single point, in-line rubber equalized suspension
  • Designed to suit all types of trailers with capacities ranging from 2,000 lbs to 7,000 lbs
  • Long-Haul,
  • On-Road or Off-Road
  • Stronger than Steel - More Reliable than Air Silent Ride Rubber Trailer Suspensions

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And so much more

• Single Point In-Line Rubber Equalized Suspension
• The Silent Ride Trailer Suspension is designed to suit all types of trailers with capacities ranging from 2,000 lb to 7,000 lb.
• Available for single and tandem axles for:

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Dakota Air Suspension• The Silent Ride is accomplished through its Rubber Brushings and Rubber Spring with a limited warranty.
• Keep both axles constant to the road with Timbren All-Rubber Equalization.
• For the long hall on-road or off-road rely on Timbren in-line rubber equalized suspensions.
Single Axle SR 2000 (2,000 lb capacity on single axle suspension)
• Boat Trailers
• Utility Trailers
Single Axle SR 3500  (3,500 lb capacity on single axle suspension)
• Equipment Trailers
• Landscape Trailers
Trailer Suspensions • Utility Trailers
Tandem Axle TSR 4000 (4000 lb capacity on tandem axle suspension)
• Equipment Trailers
• Horse Trailers
• Car Carriers
• Landscape Trailers

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